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Moving House? Here's Why You Should Put Your Cat Into Boarding

When cat owners go on holiday, having somewhere safe for their little furry family member to stay is extremely important. This is where cat boarders come in – well-equipped professional businesses who can make sure your cat is safe and happy when you return. But holidays aren't the only time cat boarding can be useful.

Moving into a new home is a stressful and hectic event, with lots to plan, do, and remember. During this time, it's easy to forget the little things you can do to make life easier – like getting your cat out of the way for a while. These are the reasons you should think about putting your cat in boarding the next time you move house. 

It reduces your stress

When you're packing, loading, unloading, and unpacking, the last thing you want is a demanding animal running around your feet. With your cat out of the way, it's one less significant thing to worry about, and you can get on with the work you need to do without constantly removing felines from packing boxes.

You don't even need to give your cat a second thought until you're in a comfortable enough position to take them to the new house.

It can free up time

While you're in the process of moving, you need to decide where your cat will be at any given moment. It's not good to leave them in your half-empty former house with semi-packed boxes, but you might not be ready for them to go to the new place just yet. This can result in a difficult juggling act that adds time to your already packed day.

With the cat boarded safely elsewhere, it helps you organise your time effectively.

It's better for the cat

Moving home is even more stressful for cats than it is for humans, since they have no idea what's going on. While you should still expect a bit of stress when you take them to your new home, having the cat out of the way during the hustle and bustle of packing and moving avoids a lot of the stress they can experience.

It lets you introduce the new home slowly

When you move to a new home, just as when you brought your cat home for the first time, it's best not to give them full access at first. Introducing a room or two at a time helps combat anxiety and give them an easier time getting used to their new surroundings. This is much easier to do when your new home is already set up and you can simply bring the cat home from the boarding centre.