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Is Cat Cremation The Best Option For Your Deceased Pet?

The death of a beloved cat in your home can deal a huge blow to you and your loved ones. If you have never had to contend with a pet's remains before, you may be at a loss on what the best way forward would be for your cat. While a burial may seem like a straightforward answer, the reality is that it is much more complex than opting for a cat cremation. This piece seeks to answer if cat cremation will be the best option for your deceased pet.

Cat cremation allows you to have your pet's remains 

One of the main reasons why you should deliberate on choosing cat cremation over a burial is that you get the chance to retain your cat's remains with you. The thing to note, however, is that you should choose a private cremation rather than a mass cremation, where multiple pets are cremated at the same time. Thus, with a mass cremation, will you not get the chance to get your cat's specific remains. Once you have chosen a private cremation, you then have the choice of scattering the ashes at your cat's favourite spots or memorialising them in an urn that you can display in your home.

Cat cremation is pocket-friendly

Losing a beloved pet presents a heart-breaking time for you and your loved ones. Thus, the last thing that you want during this trying time is having to face exorbitant costs to ensure that your cat's remains are in a safe place. If you are thinking of choosing a burial, you will incur a myriad of costs including the transportation of the remains, purchasing the right casket for your cat an even buying a lot for the burial spot. These expenses will add up and you will find giving your pet a send-off will be hard on your pocket. With pet cremation, on the other hand, the private cremation services will come, collect the remains, cremate your cat, and deliver the ashes to your home.

Cat cremation is not complicated

As mentioned above, on the surface, a burial may seem like the simple way of memorialising your cat's remains. But the reality is it is much more complicated than cremation. First, you cannot bury your cat on your property unless you have the right permits. Second, if you are renting, chances are when you move to your own home you will not get to go with your cat's remains. Cremation, conversely, is the straightforward solution since you do not need to worry about permits, burial lots and so on.