Is Cat Cremation The Best Option For Your Deceased Pet?

The death of a beloved cat in your home can deal a huge blow to you and your loved ones. If you have never had to contend with a pet's remains before, you may be at a loss on what the best way forward would be for your cat. While a burial may seem like a straightforward answer, the reality is that it is much more complex than opting for a cat cremation.

Moving House? Here's Why You Should Put Your Cat Into Boarding

When cat owners go on holiday, having somewhere safe for their little furry family member to stay is extremely important. This is where cat boarders come in – well-equipped professional businesses who can make sure your cat is safe and happy when you return. But holidays aren't the only time cat boarding can be useful. Moving into a new home is a stressful and hectic event, with lots to plan, do, and remember.

4 Common Injuries and Illnesses Your Dog May Get at Boarding Facilities and How to Prevent Them

Choosing a boarding kennel for your pet while you're away is a difficult decision. You must consider your pet's temperaments, how easily they adapt to change, what type of facilities are near and how long you're away, among other factors. Just like a child at day-care, most boarding facilities are optimised to minimise the risk of injury or illness to your pet, but these can happen sometimes. This article discusses common injury and illness scenarios and how they can be prevented or reduced.